Nov 29, 2012

Ho Ho Ho, gorgeouzzz’s! Time to spin that dredel, beauties! Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner! Where has time gone!? It is really insane!

I just love gift giving and the look on someones face when they really love something I have gotten them-there is no better feeling than that!  The worst is when you have to lie and say you love it while one of your fingers is already on speed dial to the store asking about the return policy ! I want YOU to get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside too this year! Here at Lindsi In The Fast Lane I want to make sure that you are ready for your gift-giving this year!

With that, I have committed to making you short, special, gifting videos starting DECEMBER 3rd, MONDAY-FRIDAY, in which I share a new LITFL gift of choice.  I will also be posting TONS of new, awesome gift items into the SHOP daily so that I got you covered. And like I ALWAYS say, “Lindsi’s gotchu covered, girl!” Let me take away  that gifting stress and let Lindsi In The Fast Lane be your shopping guide this year. Some of the items that I post are even unisex, so I will always fill you in on that in the videos.

Subscribers, you will now be getting your daily dose of Lindsi In The Fast Lane EVERY FRIDAY as a recap from the week. I do not want to bombard you with emails everyday.

I can’t wait to be your stylish gift guide this year!

So many hugs and kisses,


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